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What Are The Best SEO Blogs For Digital Marketing Mangers?

There is this one question that is usually asked when we are sitting in an interview for getting an important employee role and that is, what kind of blog do we follow. This question might not be so important for some but for some, it matters a lot. The things that you read, make you. So, when you answer what kind of blog you read, the interviewer gets an idea of what knowledge you have and about what thing. So, when you are going for a digital marketer post, then you will definitely have to follow some best SEO blogs for digital marketing managers. SEO agency Sydney makes it a point to follow the best blogs so that they can also deliver the best.

SEO company Sydney believe that it’s good to learn updates and information directly from the ones who are already best at it and because of that, the services they provide are best. So, here are some blogs that you must read for getting the new updates and information in the digital marketing.


One of the top SEO industry voices is Rand Fishkin. The whiteboard series that he has are of 15 minutes each with actionable marketing tips which eventually help everybody out there who are in the digital marketing team like developers, designers, SEOs, writers, etc. You must not miss Whiteboard Friday and the four blogs that they have: (a) Moz Blog, (b) YouMoz (these have blogs related to the SEO),(c) Rand’s Blog (The personal blog of Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz) and (d) Dev Blog (this has SEO information which are specific for the developers).

Rand is known in the industry for a reason and that is he has a differently engaging approach when it comes to explain SEO and his experience of backing up the info he’s sharing is amendable.


This group is famous for the user experience and they have a blog that is full with the takeaways and the learnings from thousands of tests. The content that they have is a pair of best practices and the data that is required to back up the claim.


Brian Dean is a guy famous for his exhaustive blogs and these provide the readers with some amazing actionable tips and specific ones too. This I mostly focused on link building and Search engine optimization services and that’s why is a must read for the marketers who want to improve the tactics of distribution. With this, Brian updates the older posts with the new updated information and that’s why you can read the old blog posts also.


The Kissmetrics is totally focusing on the tactics that are used in improving the conversions through the sales funnel, starting from the top to the conversions of sales and then the closing sales. As this is an analytics company, the content present here is backed up with the data that has been gathered after exhaustive testing.


CRO plays a really important role in the field of digital marketing and this blog is the one that is always a topic of discussion. CXL focuses on optimizing the conversions via analysis and also different testing tactics that you should implement in the emails and your website.

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