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How can you get rid of the annoying 502 bad gateway error?

How can you get rid of the annoying 502 bad gateway error?

No one can deny that we are living in the golden age of the most advanced tools which you can implement in your WordPress platform. The platform is gaining he amount of popularity which can handle you the most practical features for your business. However, some problems or technical issues related to the WordPress platform can become very hard to overcome. The 502 bad gateway errors can make you suffer from many kinds of problems which cause you the most ruptures for your blogs or online business in general. For this reason, in the next article, we are going to have a general look on how we can fix or prevent the A 502 bad gateway error problem.

What does 502 bad gateway error stand for?

Starting with the definition of the famous 502 bad gateway error problem, the error stands for the lack of responding of your hosting server when it comes to the invalid request of your page for sure. However, the problem can be caused due to many other problems which most of them are related to your hosting features. In fact, to make the process more clearly, we can say that the browser is always sending the request to your hosting server in order to get back the right answer for your adequate request. Once the right answer is found, the browser can show the outcomes for you. A status code is often sent with the response page. In the case of the response and feedback page fail, an error message is shown with the right statue code.

Main reason of such recurrent technical problems

One of the top reasons why the problems occur is when the server takes a huge amount of time to reload the adequate page for the client. The error is obviously triggered. Most of the time the error of delaying can be altered due to the pressure and the massive traffic on the server which you are working on. In addition to that, a very badly coded theme for a CMS platform can easily make the error of triggered. Besides the previous factor, you have to make sure that the server is really well configured.

In case of confronting such problems, you can easily try the troubleshooting main pillar to stay away from such productivity rupture of your website.

Reload your website

First of all, try to refresh and reload your page, like that we can make sure that the server is not really responding. You can notice if the server is not really responding due to some traffic pressure.

Empty your cache

One stuff which you have to take care about is the cache of your website. You may have the problems solved but the cache of your browser can iterate the same problem for sure. This is why, try to clear your browser from the cache files which you are having access to in order to get rid of any kind of problems which you are facing for sure.

Check your website firewall

Another alternative is to disable any kind of firewall which you are using on your website. Like that, you can simply get rid of any kind of response denying from the firewall security of your website.

Plugin monitoring

In addition to the previous tips and tricks, you can also have access to the wordpress plug-in and make sure to disable all the features and start by reactivating them one by one in order to find the right plug-in which is causing your websites response failure.

Contact your wordpress server hosting company

If whole the previous tips and tricks have not solved the error then try to contact the hosting company which you are dealing with. They can ultimately handle you the best help for your problems. Often the problem can come from the bad reconfiguration of the hosting server.

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