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Grow On Page SEO Techniques In 2018 To Double Your Search Traffic

Grow On Page SEO Techniques In 2018 To Double Your Search Traffic

1. User-friendly Design:

To do the On Page SEO you need to select a topic and create a website. The design of your website is user-friendly because user-friendly sites attract the customers or visitors and give the best impression. User-Friendly sites are like better graphics, heavyweight JavaScript, and CSS, loads early.

2. Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is the main part of On Page SEO Techniques. It is important because every user searches the product or services by the keywords in Search Engine Result Page. So do keyword research by searching that product or services in Google? How to user types query in search engines. How user types query in search engines?

Keyword Research tools

Take suggestions from Keyword tools like-

i) Google AdWords

ii) Ubersuggest

iii) KW Finder


Target long tail Keywords because Short tail keywords have the larger competition. Long tail Keywords rank easily and user types long tail keywords. If your long tail keywords rank early then your shorter keywords came own in rankings. Keyword also has the good searches. Work on those keywords that user searches for recently.

3. Meta Tags:

Place proper Meta tags on your websites. Meta tags like title, keywords, the description on your website.

Title Tag Use the proper and attractive title for your website because if you have the attractive title then user attracts more towards you. The title has an appropriate length. It has between 60-70 characters because if the title is up to 70 Characters then Google shows dashes in SERP.

Keywords Target 2-3 keywords on your website page if you have the new website. Place proper keywords in your website pages and keywords have the length of 255 characters. Don’t do the keyword stuffing in keywords section.

Description Use appropriate keywords in meta description of your website and write a relevant description which is related to your services or products. The Meta description should be 160 Characters in length.

4. Quality Content and Keyword Density:

Use Quality Content on your website because if you have high-quality content on your website then you can get your targeted customers. In website at least products or services should be defined in 300 words. So content is the best thing to define the products. Don’t copy the other site content otherwise, you are penalized by Google and your ranking goes down.

Keyword Density: Maintain the keyword density in your content. Keyword Density is the percentage of time the keyword appears in web page compared to total words presents in website content. It depends on article length. Keyword density should be 1% to 3%.

5. Heading tags:

Use proper heading tags in your content because without heading your content have no value. So place the proper heading tags in your website content. Heading tags are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

H1 Tag The title is H1 tag and the H1 tag should use only one time in content.

H2 tags 2 times in the content. Its size is less than H1.then use H3 tag also in content.

Ref: MyTasker

6. Internal, External Linking, and Anchor Text:

Internal Links: Interconnect your website pages each other through anchor text is called Internal Linking. It points your website’s other pages. Internal Linking is must because it passes the link juice. So use internal links.

External Links: External links are those which point other website and you go to other websites. It is must needed process in SEO. So give the social media links on your website. Which is working in form of external links.

Anchor Text: Use Anchor text on your website. Anchor text is clickable text which is in the hyperlink? So it is necessary On-Page SEO Techniques part.

7. High Loading Speed and No Broken Links:

Loading speed matters in On Page SEO. So the website has good loading speed. If the website has not good speed then visitors left your site early and not open your site next time.

How can you reduce the loading speed?

Reduce the Image size. Use lightweight JavaScript and CSS, Otherwise, compress heavy JavaScript and CSS. Use GZIP Compression. So loading speed matters in SEO and it is important because Amazon gains 1% visitors when they reduce their website loading speed 1 sec.

Broken Links:

There are no broken links present on the website because by Broken links user left the website and not coming to your website. It affects the website SEO badly and Google penalizes you. So fix broken links on your websites.

8. Sitemaps and Robots file:

Sitemap: The sitemap is the part of On Page SEO Techniques because of Google index the web pages by sitemap early. If we do not submit the sitemap then it has taken a long time to index the web pages. The sitemap is the collection of web pages. It is in the XML form.  Submit your sitemap.xml file to Google Webmaster tools.

Robots.txt: We use the robots.txt file because by robots file we tell the search engine that which page we want to index in search engines? Submit your robots file in Google Webmaster tool. Disallow the pages which do you not want to index? Your Sitemap and Robots file should be present on your websites.

9. Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tools: Create Google webmaster account to sign up for your Email Id. Approve your webmaster by verifying the property through the website. Submit your sitemap and robots file in webmaster. So this tool tells about all the aspects of sites like internal links, errors present in websites, duplicate meta tags, backlinks, indexing of pages, crawling etc. So use this tool this the On Page SEO Techniques part.

10. Google Analytics:

Create Google Analytics account and sign up with your email id. Verify the property through the website by pasting the code in head or body section. This tool tells about the traffic to your site, visitors, country, browsers, sessions, page views in their data. So use this tool to get all kind of details and it is the part of On Page SEO.

This was all but just a glimpse into the extremely vast world of Search Engine Optimization. To know more about the SEO field or be it any other field related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and get trained by the best Digital Marketers that the nation has to offer.

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