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Important and Powerful E-commerce SEO Tips



Once you have decided to set up a website for E-commerce i.e. for the purpose of selling products or service. The trendy and fancy website is not helpful in case the user is not able to find you out or make it from the website. In case the website does not get listed on the first page itself in the search engine, then almost 80% of the users will not make to reach up to your site. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the help of best of the SEO at the place, the ranking of your website will get better, which will eventually make it easy for the customers to find you.

The higher the website traffic, higher will be the sales leads, and very important to the success of any business.

If you are looking for the way how to start your e-commerce website SEO so, here are some powerful e-commerce SEO tips. These tips will help you to boost your website traffic and online visibility.


Know your Audience or the Prospective Buyers

You should allocate some time or resource to research and know your audience or the prospective buyers. Do you need to know the search habits of the buyers like what they are looking forward? Type of language and communication ways they understand. Learn as much as possible about the audience and their profiles e.g., the type of device they use to access the internet etc.  The more you know the target audience, the more guidance you will receive to help set up your own website for those prospective buyers.

Deploying Right Keywords

It is one of the very important tips for the success of your e-commerce SEO to deploy the right keywords. In case you do not plan strategically defined keywords, it will be too difficult to bring in the traffic through search engines. Therefore, the proper keyword research is important to do. Once you find the right keywords for your business by doing a proper keyword research then you can deploy keywords. It also helps you to get more traffic to your websites from search engines.

Usually, the users are smart and specific in searching something on search engines. Therefore, it becomes imperative to use very simple and generic keywords. The words which generally have more competition. So always try to use nice phrases and good keywords. Sometimes, long tail keywords are also used wherein they are being used as search engines.

Avoid Duplicate Content

One of the worst things you can do for your e-commerce site is to use duplicate content for your site. Search engines penalize sites that have duplicate content, so you need to avoid using it.

Although, it is universally known fact that the e-commerce websites offer more or less no difference products. And these more or less similar products are also advertised with almost same description. So it has to be kept in mind that the same or repetitive content should not be used. Do not to use the product descriptions that come from the manufacturer’s website. Write a fresh and new content for the better results and Search Engines loves fresh and unique content.

Display Product Images

Using the product images of the products on the product pages is a better way to grab user attention. And all product pages should have alluring and attractive with high-quality images. Without images, the prospective customers may not get attracted.

The following are the tips to consider:

  • Use the actual product image if possible.
  • The Images placed should be enlargeable to have a better view.
  • All angels images should be there.
  • Images should be accompanied by text.

Application of Google Analytics

Although the Google Analytics will not improve or make your search engine performance better, it will help in identifying productive SEO strategies. With the help of Google Analytics, you can work out and get to know the real channel of the reference. Even the demographic analysis can also be done with ease. Eventually, it will allow us to check the amount of valuable data in return the SEO efforts for the best results.

Selection of Keyword Rich and Product Descriptions

It is always advisable not to use the duplicate or copied content. Therefore, it becomes more important to choose the keywords wisely that describes the product. The descriptions help to convert the potential buyer into the real customer. In fact, it is very much important to match the product descriptions. It’s also important that features and benefits of the products encourage the conversion.

Keep posting the Unique Content

In order to have better search engine ranking, you should be putting the fresh content. The e-commerce sites perform better with unique content posting. There are some strategies for adding fresh content include:

  • Blogging or Site Blog – It is always helpful to have a blog on your e-commerce site. It helps in building and creating relationships with the same pre-existing customers. The blog attracts more traffic and the highlighted or product brings better results.
  • Customer Reviews – Customers reviews are worthwhile for making new customers. So, allowing customers to post reviews is a best practice. Having Customer reviews helps in relationship building and also attracts newer customers.
  • Content Videos – Nowadays uploading or adding videos on your website is quite easy, it works as the content to your e-commerce. Post videos on YouTube too to get more traffic to your website.
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Heres’s Why Network Discovery Tools Are So Important In 2019



Heres’s Why Network Discovery Tools Are So Important In 2019

It has been 12 years since Princeton researchers Mark Newman and Albert-László Barabásiwrote about the changes of modern computing networks. Their book “The Structure and Dynamics of Networks” focused on the significant changes that corporate intranets faced. Things have changed even more in recent years, as modern networks have become much more dynamic.

The sudden emergence of dynamic networks has been a game changer for most of the corporate world. It makes their systems more responsive, but it also creates more competition. This has led to the adaption of a number of cutting-edge network discovery tools. What are network discovery tools? How do they work and what are their implications? Advancements in modern networks are making network discovery tools much more of a necessity.

Assessing the Network Inventory

Are you aware of all of the devices on your network? Most organizations are not. This is a problem, because devices connecting to your network create a number of liabilities.

This is something that has caught organizations by surprise, which is partially due to the sudden surge in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) activity. The BYOD market will have increased ten-fold in 2022 since it was adapted in 2014.

The good news is that there are a number of new solutions that make it easier to deal with network inventory issues. Network inventory tools are going to play a very big role in the future of network management. They enable admins to monitor all activity and look for compliance red flags among all connected devices.

Understanding the Nuances of Network Connection Protocols

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server assigns a unique IP address to every device connected to the network. This type of dynamic IP address is confusing to most users, because a device in Bangladesh and Seattle could share the same address if they are connected to the same network.

Does this mean that the devices connected to the network cannot be differentiated? No. They are all given their own media access control address. This is assigned to the hardware configurations of every device, so they will all leave a unique fingerprint.

Network Discovery, Asset Management, and Network Monitoring

You can use a network discovery tool to investigate the internal activity of any network.  This is important for making sure:

  • Necessary devices are able to use the network appropriately
  • Devices without the right permissions are not given access to network resources
  • All activity is done within compliance guidelines
  • There aren’t any indications that any device has been compromised
  • There are many great benefits of network discovery tools. They ensure compliance and minimize the risks of security breaches considerably.

    Of course, network discovery tools aren’t the only types of technology worth investing in. You should also look into using hardware discovery technology. This is suitable for more granular investigations that require you to take a top down look at all devices connected to your servers. You can use a layer-2 or layer-3 topological approach to identify all devices in your network and monitor their activity. Layer-3 systems are more prevalent, but often lack the specificity that layer-2 protocols provide. They provide exceptional detail on the physical and virtual technology behind these devices.  Juniper Networks has more details on the sophistication of layer-2 networks, which should help you understand the importance of constructing the network properly.

  • Final Thoughts: Modern Networks Require State-of-the-Art Network Discovery Tools

    Network discovery tools are the newest form of technology. They are necessary in a new era where dynamic networks have become the norm. It is important for all network administrators to make sure that they have the right network inventory and discovery tools at their disposal to ensure maximum security and make sure the network operates reliably for all users.

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Top 7 Ways To Increase Your Website Domain Authority



What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz which predicts how a website will rank on search engine result page (SERPs).

Websites with higher scores will have greater ability to rank. Domain Authority is determined using different factors such as linking root domain, Quality content, and a number of total links, into a single DA score. You can easily check it using MozBar, Link explorer and many more other SEO tools across the web.

How Does Moz calculate Domain Authority?

Domain Authority ranges from 1 to 100 as 1 being the worst and 100 being the best. It is calculated by the algorithm designed by Moz. It is easy to grow your score from 20 to 30 than to grow from 70 to 80.

Domain Authority between 40 to 50 is considered average, between 50 to 60 is considered good and above 60 is considered excellent.In these throat cut competition, every blogger wants their website to rank high in the search engine. So here we are discussing top ways to increase Domain Authority of your website.

1) Publish high-quality content

Content is king. In order to achieve a good DA score, you need to write quality content. Content is the only thing that attracts visitors and forces them to visits your site regularly.

Do not compromise with the content, it doesn’t matter how long you write but what you write is unique and relevant. Use images, videos and GIFs to make your content more attractive.

2) Your website should be mobile friendly

As a large number of users access the web through a mobile device. If your website is not optimized for the mobile yet then it will hurt your mobile searchengine rankings.

You may lose many visitors because your website is not displaying properly on the mobile. By using Mobile-Friendly Test by Google Developers you can easily check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

3) On- page SEO

On-page SEO is another method of optimization which helps to move your DA from low to high. It includes many factors including keyword density, heading tags, targeted keyword, permalink structure, meta description, titles, image etc.

  • Keyword density– keep the density between 0.5 to 1.5%
  • Heading tags– Use heading tags (H1,H2,H3,etc) to highlight points.
  • Targeted keyword– Use focus keyword once in the first paragraph of your post.
  • Permalink structure– Use SEO friendly permalink structure which contains your focus keyword.
  • Meta description– Your meta description should have your focus keyword in it.
  • Title– Use a rich and attractive title for your blog post with focus keyword.
  • Image optimization– To boost your SEO status optimize your images.

4) Stay active on social media

As we all know the importance of social media. You will need to promote your content on social media in order to reach more visitors to your site.

Estimated number of users on social media such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are 2.95 by 2020. Sharing your blog post on this platform will help to get connected with more readers and to get your referral traffic.

5) Choose a good domain name

Choose the domain name which is relevant to the content of the websites. For example, if your website name is related to SEO then you need to publish the content related to SEO only. Domain age also helps to increase your site ranking i.e the older your domain is, the higher your DA score.

If your site is 3 to 4 years older and still active it means you have been publishing high-quality content and your site is probably not a spam site.

6) Remove bad backlinks to your website

Every once in a while, you should check and search for any backlinks that are bad or toxic. Remove that toxic and spammy links that are affecting your site’s position on Google.

You need to keep your link profile clean. Many bloggers do not focus on it and it continues to harm your site bit by bit. You can easily remove the bad links using Google’s Disavow links tools.

7) Internal Linking

Many websites mainly focus on building external links and they overlook the importance of internal links. Internal linking helps to direct the visitors to what they are finding and helps to engage the visitors to spend more time on your website.

The best example of internal linking is Wikipedia whose DA score is 100. Internal linking reduces the bounce rate. Linking to your older post will make your current post more informative and attractive.

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