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Inspire Yourself With This List of 5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Inspire Yourself With This List of 5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Does not always seem easy for us to look into the future and believe that our ideas and projects have feet to walk. Sometimes the very circumstances surrounding us have not eroded a promising future for risky ventures. Still, I am an apologist that good ideas deserve to jump from paper and move to reality because, after all, they are good ideas that change the world and lead the vanguard for tomorrow.

One of the sources of inspiration that I sometimes look for when I feel more unmotivated are the stories of those who have gone through what I went through and who have succeeded. Stories of completely vulgar men and women, many of whom had nothing to do but who, driven by their dreams, managed to make themselves giants of the business market.

Now, it’s time to share some of these stories with you. To you, who is sitting on the other side of the computer, I present the story of 5 online entrepreneurs who have not given up on their projects and who dominate the Internet today.

5 successful online entrepreneurs who are an example to follow

Pete Chasmore (Founder and CEO of Mashable)

In the mid-2000s, a young Scottish blogger never imagined that he would become a millionaire thanks to comments on technology. However, Pete Cashmore knew that there was interest in the content of his site, so he decided to invest seriously in Mashable . In a short time, this website has surpassed other important channels, such as Techcrunch, currently having 2 offices (USA and Europe ) employing 40 employees. Numbers? 42 million unique visitors per month and over 21 million followers on social networks!

Felipe Dib (Founder and Director of Online School You Learn Now)


In 2011, a young Brazilian entrepreneur launched the Jewellry Logo Design website. This online language teaching platform had as a differentiating factor to offer free English classes in free videos of just three minutes. That is, Felipe Dib understood how to use the time factor for language teaching in a way totally adapted to Internet users. This idea of ​​democratizing access to language teaching in Brazil quickly won millions of users and became a success story.

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin (Founders of Theskimm)

Unhappy with their daily work as news and documentary filmmakers on NBC News, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin are betting on a practical idea and turning to the busy people of today’s world. That is, they have created a company called TheSkimm that provides an e-mail daily free newsletter with the main news of the day in a direct and summary form. Only with content of 150 words or leIt ss, there are already more than one million subscribers, especially students and executives of large companies

Fraser Doherty (Founder of Superjam)

After learning to make homemade sugar-free jelly or preservatives with her grandmother a 14-year-old Scottish teen realized that there was an opportunity to make money right in front of her. Then, Fraser Doherty began producing and marketing the grandmother’s product, selling door to door for neighbors. Then it started to supply small businesses, cafes, pastry shops and local markets. And it burst with joy when it started selling around the World through its Superjam e-commerce store , counting millions of units marketed.

John Vechey (Founder of Popcap Games)

He has the same path as many teenagers, but he had a very concrete dream. John Vechey started creating computer games early in college with 2 friends and when a company paid $ 45,000 for licensing a game they created, everyone had a clue as to what the future might be. That day they created PopCap Games that has a basic secret: they make games that anyone can play. Numbers? Downloading over 150 million copies and with just a single game, Bejeweled-o, have reached over 50 million sales!


My adventure in the Digital Marketing universe began in January 2014, when I joined the Soda Logos Digital team. Graduated in Communication Sciences with a specialty in Journalism, it took me half a dozen weeks to get my head around SEO, email marketing, e-commerce, and affiliates. Today, I write content on all these topics, hoping to bring to the audience the most current trends in Digital Marketing.

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