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Must Known Basic SEO Tips for Beginners

Must Known Basic SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO is probably the vital subject to talk about. When going for the Google search for SEO then you are going to get 500 million search results. There are different ways available through which one can increase the traffic on the website. The main idea for the marketing approach is that you have to put the user on the first.

Specifically, going for the SEO ranking will help to boost up the ranking of the website which will surely help to increase traffic on the website. There are some of the tips which will help the beginner to boost up the raking.

Write Long Posts

According to the ranking of SEO, content is the king. Content is going to provide with strong links to gain popularity. There are thousands of articles available on, but the reader wants to get the unique content which is worth sharing. If you have significant content, then it is going to provide lots of information and benefits.

Use keywords

It is the critical factor which one has to keep in mind. When you are using keywords, then it will help to provide excellent visibility in the search list. The only factor one has to consider is that you should go for the keyword which is relevant to the search.

If you are out the long tail keyword, then you are going to get better results. Go for the relevant keywords which will help to provide with the higher ranking on the search list.


Backlinking is considered when one website is mentioning another website through a link. If you are having a good quality of Backlinks, then it will have a significant impact on the search engine results. The thing to consider is that backlinking should also support the same content. Guest post is effective way to bring the traffic and get quality link from other blog. You can also submit your website to directories to get backlinks & traffic.

If having a good quality of backlinking then it will help in brand awareness and recognition. Backlinking should be one of your priorities which will help to increase the ranking in the search engines.

Tag the Image

The image is the essential thing which will help to draw the attention of the consumer. It is the factor for the optimization of the content. When you have the visual material, then they will attract the customer rather than going for the vast paragraphs of content. It is the excellent way through which one can describe all the things in short.
You should tag the attractive images which will help to draw the attention of the consumer.

Social Media

Social signals plays a major role in any website’s success. If you have multiple accounts on social media, then it will work as the tool for your webpage. There are some of the social networking sites which help to promote the website. If you are customizing your sharing link, then it will help to promote the service.

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